Summer Tips For Dialysis Patients

As summer sets in and temperatures soar, it is a time when everyone changes their habits and lifestyle to be more comfortable. Food preferences, clothes and activity routines all get a makeover.

Here are some summer tips for you, to make this season an easy-breezy one.

1) Shield yourself:  Umbrella, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses

During Summer, protect yourself by using sunscreen, carrying an umbrella, wearing sunglasses, and if possible a hat, cap or scarf.  Wear long sleeved cottons, so that your skin is shielded.

2) Exercise Regularly:

Exercise is essential. Speak to your doctor and decide what is a suitable physical fitness routine. Usually a brisk walk with light yoga and pranayama is easy to do, and recommended for all.

3) Water Balance:

Those undergoing dialysis need to watch their water intake, due to fluid overload. Speak to your doctor or dietician, and ask what is the suggested daily water intake. Keep that amount of water in a bottle, and sip slowly through the day.

5) Eat with mindfulness:

Speak to your nutritionist on what foods can be consumed during summer, which have minimal phosphorus or potassium. Carrots, Cauliflower, Cucumber, Brinjal, Green beans, Lettuce, Onions, Capscicum, Bell peppers, potatoes are usually considered alright. Similarly, fruits like grapes, peaches, plums, watermelon, chikoos or strawberries are approved by most nutritionists.

4) Protect your access if swimming:

Only swim in chlorinated water. Natural water lakes or rivers should be avoided as they may have bacteria, which might cause infections. Before you go swimming, consult to your doctor and follow the advice given.

A word of caution: These are simple and generic tips, and to be followed in a general manner. If your nephrologist has specifically suggested or prohibited something, please follow what your doctor says. 

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