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Together, Let’s Make Quality Dialysis Available & Affordable

Around 800 out of every 1 million Indians suff­er from chronic kidney disease (CKD). This may be caused by various factors, including hypertension and diabetes, which are increasingly prevalent in India. If chronic kidney disease progresses to end-stage kidney failure, the patient may need a kidney transplant. Around 2 lakh patients are waiting for a kidney transplant, but only around 15,000 donors are available.

We at Apollo Dialysis have always strived to provide aff­ordable care for people across economic strata. Partnering and expanding the Apollo Dialysis network will help increase the accessibility and a­ffordability of quality dialysis. Let us discover the ways in which we can build a successful partnership.

Public-private Partnership (PPP)

This is a collaboration between the central or state governments and Apollo Dialysis. We take over the entire operational responsibilities at an existing dialysis centre and upgrade it to match our established standards. We have already tied up with 3 state governments under the Pradhan Mantri National Dialysis Programme and are providing free dialysis services to thousands of people. In PPP mode we operates over 60 dialysis clinics in Andhra Pradesh, Bihar and Assam. In all these centres Apollo Dialysis Clinics providing free of cost dialysis services to patients under the Pradhan Mantri National Dialysis Programme.

Shop-in-shop (SIS)

We bring the Apollo Dialysis expertise to private hospitals and clinics, through a turnkey model, without any capital investment or operational overheads. We aim to support patients with best-in-class dialysis services in a hassle-free manner. Once the basic infrastructure is ready, we install the dialysis equipment, start­ the centre with trained technicians and take over the operational responsibilities.

We also store all medical records electronically, in accordance with NABH norms.

Standalone Dialysis Clinics

Standalone Apollo Dialysis clinics are company-owned and operated in the retail format. Apollo Dialysis also tying up with standalone dialysis clinic and take over the operational responsibilities.  Each clinic is standardised to reflect our promise of excellence. We aim to support patients with best-in-class dialysis services in a hassle-free manner.

The Apollo Dialysis Advantage

For Nephrologist:

  • Easy access to trained manpower
  • Apollo SOPs customised with ISN and DGHS guidelines
  • Remote monitoring through Insta and Adbutham software
  • Regular quality monitoring
  • Automated dialyser reprocessing using USFDA approved systems

For Hospitals:

  • Minimal investment and administrative burden
  • Increased direct and indirect revenues
  • Assurance of the best quality dialysis
  • Easy access to trained manpower
  • Nephrology as an additional super-speciality
  • Higher and regular patient footfall
  • Customised dialysis

For Patients:

  • Assurance of the best quality dialysis
  • Well trained and experienced technicians to provide quality care
  • Convenient options like nocturnal dialysis and short daily sessions
  • A stringent infection prevention protocol minimises the chance of cross-infection
  • Regular counselling and guidance
  • Customised nutritional counselling
  • Patient wellness and engagement activities
  • Feedback mechanism for consistent service quality

Our Promise of Excellence

We are committed towards providing dialysis services of the highest standards. This reflects in every aspect of our o­fferings.

  • State-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Best-in-class dialysis machines
  • Trained and experienced sta­ff
  • Government-certified technicians
  • The support of experienced nephrologists
  • A high quality water treatment setup with a reverse osmosis system
  • Adherence to NABH standards

Continual Skill Up gradation

  • Regular hands-on training and technological webinars
  • Certificate programmes for knowledge enrichment

Robust IT Infrastructure

Scalability of operations is the biggest strength of Apollo Dialysis. We are backed by a centralised IT platform and strong infrastructure that supports widespread network expansion.

  • Payables, receivables, inventory, and ledgers
  • Scalability and connectivity – web-based portal

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System

  • Bidirectional interface for real-time tracking
  • Data analysis powers the enhancement of dialysis services
  • Forecasting through the analysis of past data

7 Excellent Reasons to Partner with Apollo Dialysis Clinics

  • The Indian dialysis market is witnessing high year-on-year growth
  • Apollo Dialysis is synonymous with best-in-class expertise and care
  • We ensure the finest healthcare through regular up gradation of technology
  • We adhere to international best practices through regular quality audits
  • We are part of the Apollo Group, one of India’s largest and most trusted healthcare groups
  • Partnering with a renowned brand helps attract higher footfalls
  • All of this assures a good return on investment