Apollo Dialysis

Apollo Dialysis is the country’s first standalone Dialysis center that deals with all problems relating to Nephrology and the functioning of the kidneys. At Apollo Dialysis, we provide our patients with the best in class kidney care and treatment, delivering unparalleled results each time.

Currently, in India, almost about 1.5 lakh new patients suffer from critical stage renal failure annually. Of these, only about 3,500 patients are able to receive kidney transplants and only 6,000 are provided with adequate facilities for a dialysis.
At Apollo Dialysis, we have made it our mission to make sure that every single patient who suffers from renal failure gets the best treatment possible to address their problems. Leading the industry with breakthroughs in innovation and technology, Apollo Dialysis aims to provide unequaled services and care to patients.

At Apollo Dialysis, our team consists of the leading experts from the industry and realm of Nephrology, who work relentlessly to ensure the best treatment for each patient. Our highly experienced and trained team of expert doctors and staff at Apollo Dialysis work in tandem with the patient, making use of the most advanced facilities and technology to provide treatment to the patient.

At Apollo Dialysis, we focus not only on offering the best treatment and care facilities to our patients but also on the human aspect of treatment. All our staff at Apollo Dialysis is attuned to the wants and needs of the patients and makes it his/her mission to ensure that the patient is administered treatment in an environment that feels safe and comfortable to the patient.

With Apollo Dialysis, you can be assured of the best treatment with a human touch.

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